Ausklingen – Fade away

Glass installation with interactive sound performance by Carrie Fertig in the Prince’s hall

8 September 2018 – 17 March 2019

American artist Carrie Fertig has transformed the “Reading Room” in the Prince’s hall at Veste Coburg into a magical grotto with over 4,000 subtly lit cones made of glass hanging from the ceiling.

This interactive art project invites visitors to make the glass cones swing and ring through light touch, creating an intimate space filled with glass, sound and emotions designed to encourage people to stay, reflect and listen. The sound installation addresses various spheres, thoughts of the hereafter, remembrance and touches on complex spiritual themes.

Carrie is working on a series of different environments that also deal with the place and process of dying.

Her films and installations are grounded in the physical, social and metaphysical events related to passing. “Ausklingen – Fade Away” is the first public installation in this series.

Fertig, who lives in Edinburgh, has gained international fame with countless installations featuring sound and performance, film and sculpture. She participated in the Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass with a video project and one of her installations can also be seen in the European Museum of Modern Glass. The work for the current sound installation “Ausklingen – Fade Away” began in 2014, when she was an artist in residence in Coburg.


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