• Veste Coburg


By Car

Visitor parking is available at Brandensteinsebene. A 750-metre walking path runs parallel to the road leading to the Veste.

Additional visitor parking is available at the kiosk at the foot of the Veste.

GPS data for Brandensteinsebene visitor parking for navigation systems:
50°15’48.0″N 10°59’25.4″E
50.263326, 10.990390

GPS data for disabled parking for navigation systems:50°15’48.9″N 10°58’56.8″E
50.263595, 10.982433

There are several parking garages near the historic Old Town for those who wish to park in town.

On Foot: From the Historic Old Town to the Veste

Gorgeous walking paths extend around 1.4 kilometres from the Castle Square to the historical Court Garden at the Veste. Plan at least 20 to 30 minutes for your walk.


Follow the “Reformation Path” signs: Thirteen information posts featuring text and images will inspire you to explore the history of the Reformation outdoors, from the historic Old Town with the Moriz Church and Ehrenburg Palace to the Court Garden to the Veste.

By City Bus

The 5 Line bus (Veste – City Centre – Main Railway Station– Beiersdorf and back) travels to the Veste Coburg. The bus stop is located at the kiosk at the foot of the Veste.



Due to a construction site, all journeys on line 5 in the direction of Löbelstein/Veste end at the Pilgramsroth turning point.

During the closure period, a scheduled taxi will be used from the Landestheater for trips to and from the Veste. This is scheduled to run Monday to Friday between 6:09 a.m. and 7:29 a.m., as well as on Saturdays between 7:09 a.m. and 8:39 a.m. The other trips must be booked one hour in advance by telephone on 09561 749-1488. Timetable notices at the stops provide information about the changes. (as of May 22, 2023)


The Veste Express conveniently takes visitors from Herrngasse (historic Old Town) to the stop at the Kiosk at the foot of the Veste Coburg every half hour.

Schedule from April to November

By Plane, Rail or Tour Bus

For more information please visit the Coburg Tourism website.

By Coach

Please click this link if you wish to travel to the Veste by Coach.

Accessibility for the Disabled

You will find information on how seniors or people with disabilities can tour the Veste and the art collections here.