• Artillerieausstellung "Gebt Feuer!", Veste Coburg

Information on Accessibility for the Disabled

The situation and architecture of castles make disabled access difficult in many ways.
However the Veste Coburg Art Collections have for a long time been working to improve access for the disabled.

Parking Areas

Disabled parking is available near “am Wall” directly adjacent to employee parking.

The access road leading to the Veste and the art collections is paved with cobblestone that was milled to a width of 1 metre to make it easier to traverse with a wheelchair.
Disabled persons who are unable to make the ascent with their companions can drive into the courtyard.

The disabled person can exit the vehicle there. We kindly ask travel companions to drive back down immediately and park in one of the regular parking spaces. Drivers can also pick up disabled persons in the courtyard.

People with disabilities who are traveling alone may use the parking spaces in the 2nd courtyard.

Reduced Admission Fees


Children over 6 with disabilities: € 2 per person
(2 guides per group will be admitted free of charge, for all other persons admission is € 2 per person)

Adults with disabilities: € 5 per person
(2 guides per group will be admitted free of charge, for all other persons admission is € 2 per person)

Single Admission

€ 5 per person

Companions for people with disabilities that obviously require the help of another person or who have a disabled permit also receive discounted admission.

Accessibility for the Disabled

The entrance area, shop and cafeteria are accessible for the disabled. Accessible toilets are located in the entrance area and the 2nd courtyard. Access to the artillery museum in the covered battery is accessible for the disabled.

The first and second upper floors of the ducal palace can be accessed from the entrance hall via the lift. (Non-conforming) ramps or a Scalamobil stairclimber (for experienced users) are available to help people with disabilities ascend the stairs in certain areas of the art collections. You can use these ramps to move from the Ducal Palace to the Stone Chamber (Luther Rooms) or from the entrance hall to the special exhibitions, for instance.


The ramps provided throughout the tour do not have the right size, incline or other construction features to conform with Part 1 of the DIN 18040 standard and can therefore not be considered truly accessible. They are merely meant to make it easier to access specific areas and they are only somewhat suitable for persons in wheelchairs. Therefore, visitors use them at their own risk.

Walking Aids

Walking aids may be used as long as a rubber pad can be inserted on the tips. Walkers are not really recommended due to the many stairs. Light folding stools can be rented for short sitting breaks.

For persons in wheelchairs who are able to move from their wheelchair to another mode of transport, a Scalamobil stairclimber is available to ascend stairs (use at your own risk, only for experienced users).

Not Accessible for the Disabled

Unfortunately, the collection rooms with historical paintings, the Intarsia Hunting Room, the Historic Glass Department, the Armoury, the Hunting Weapons, the Luther Vision Show and the Department of Prints and Drawings are only accessible via staircases unsuitable for people in wheelchairs. A selection of pieces from the Department of Prints and Drawings is regularly displayed in the special exhibition rooms.

Access via a side entrance may be requested in order to view the historical carriages and sleighs.

Vision Impairment

Seeing eye dogs are permitted. We recommend booking a tour for the blind with a specially trained tour guide. With very few exceptions, visitors may not touch any of the items in the collection.

Hearing Impairment

A German sign language guide for persons with hearing impairments is available at the cash desk. (€ 5)