• Detail aus dem Jagdintarsienzimmer, Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg

Historical rooms

Die Große Hofstube (1501/4) mit dem gusseisernen Riesenofen

Great Courtroom

The Great Courtroom (Große Hofstube) is the castle’s ballroom and banqueting hall. With its surface area of 26 m x 12 m, it is one of the largest secular rooms of its period.

It was rebuilt during the years 1501–1504 after a great fire in 1499 and is covered with a huge beam ceiling on two middle supports.The building form has been maintained, just as it was, until the present day.

Das Jagdintarsienzimmer von 1632

Intarsia hunt room

One of the finest examples of panel work in Late Renaissance Germany is this masterpiece in the Thuringian/Franconian style, which was completed in 1632.

The entire room is surrounded by 60 panels of inlaid wood depicting hunting scenes in completely different formats.

This magnificent room used to be a part of the “Ehrenburg”, the city castle of Coburg’s dukes.

It was removed from there in the 19th century and rebuilt in the Stone Bower.

Im Speisezimmer der herzoglichen Wohnung, um 1925/35

Prince’s Hall

The Prince’s Hall (Fürstenbau) is one of the oldest buildings of Coburg Castle.

Around 1500 the Prince’s Hall was extended and refurbished as a residence for the Electors of Saxony.

Between 1910 and 1924 it was rebuilt and refurbished for Carl Eduard, the last reigning duke of Coburg.