Museum Regulation

We are delighted to welcome you to the museum.
In the interest of all our visitors and to ensure the safety of the museum exhibits, we ask you to observe the following rules:

1. Please leave all large bags, backpacks, umbrellas, hiking poles, pushchairs/buggies, tripods, etc. in the cloakroom.

2. Animals are not allowed in the collections (except guide dogs).

3. For conservation reasons, eating and drinking in the collection rooms is not permitted. Eating and drinking is permitted in the self-service cafeteria. Baby bottles may be used.

4. Baby changing facilities are available by the toilets in the entrance hall.

5. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building. Museum staff may refuse entry to the collections to anyone who is visibly under the influence of alcohol.

6. Photography for private purposes is permitted (no flash, no tripods), except in temporary exhibitions.

7. Please do not touch the artworks. Exhibit labels must not be altered in any way. Parents and teachers are asked to supervise children to this effect.

8. Teachers and other group supervisors are required to supervise their classes or groups throughout their visit to the Veste Coburg art collections.

9. Out of consideration for other museum visitors, please refrain from making phone calls in the exhibition rooms.

10. We ask you to follow all instructions given by the museum staff.

We hope your visit to the museum is inspiring!

Veste Coburg Art Collections & European Museum for Modern Glas

Additional museum regulations “COVID-19”

In the interests of all our visitors and the safety of the museum exhibits, we ask you to observe the following rules:

1.FFP-2-mask (mouth and nose) is compulsory as required by law. We areunfortunately obliged to refuse admission to visitors without a face maskcovering their mouth and nose. This applies even on presentation of amedical certificate certifying that the person cannot wear/is exempt fromwearing a face mask.

2.The 2G plus rule applies. Access will only be granted to persons who canproof that they have have been vaccinated or recovered and who can alsopresent a valid, certified rapid test or PCR test for COVID-19. For booster-vaccinated visitors there is no longer any obligation to test. It is valid without any waiting period.

3.A minimum distance of 1,50 metres must be observed between visitors, thesupervisory staff and the cashiers. This applies for the entire duration ofyour stay in the museum.

4.People with cold symptoms/general, non-specific symptoms or respiratorysymptoms of any severity are not allowed to enter the museum.

5.Visitors who have returned from countries for which are subject toquarantine on return, have had personal contact with returnees or anycontact with an infected person are not permitted to enter the museum andthe exhibition rooms.

We hope your visit to the museum is inspiring!

Coburg, December 6th 2021