• Veste Coburg

Coburger Landesstiftung Patrons

These valuable collections can only be maintained, researched into, shown and used for outreach purposes with the support of benefactors, patrons, advertising sponsors and donors.

Active citizenship is on the increase, in terms of both material and non-material support.

The “Förderer der Coburger Landesstiftung e.V.” patrons’ association, founded in 1953, provides support for the Veste Coburg Art Collections and the European Museum of Modern Glass, as well as Coburg Natural History Museum by material means and in deeds.

Every year, contributions from the association go towards new acquisitions or activities at the museums.

Patrons receive information about events at the museums and are invited to take part in excursions and special guided tours. They also pay reduced admission fees to both museums.

Contact: hans-herbert.hartan@hs-coburg.de