• Wagen und Schlittenhalle im Herzoginbau der Veste Coburg

Carriages and sleighs

With the two richly gilded bridal carriages from the 16th century the Art Collections have in their possession an outstanding treasure, as these are two of the earliest, fully preserved European carriages from the Renaissance period. The other objects highlight the changes in princely means of transport from the 17th to the 20th centuries.

Another very special feature is the collection of “carousel sleighs” or racing sleighs, which were used during festivities at the court of Coburg in the Baroque period. These sleighs were used for festive excursions and for the Damencaroussel, or “ladies’ carousel”, a Baroque tournament game. To play it, the ladies sat in the sleighs and put their skill and accuracy to the test with lances, daggers or pistols. The sleighs were steered by a gentleman who sat on the seat behind the box.