In the STUDIO: Crossing state lines – Coburg on Burgenstraße Thüringen

Ausstellung Burgenstraße (c) Florian Bangert

Thuringia is well-known in Germany for its castles. Whether fallen into ruin or upgraded into palaces, preserved through the centuries or rediscovered during the historicist period, castles characterise the landscape north and south of the Thuringian Forest, with a diversity of styles unique in Germany. This diversity can be discovered by anyone who travels down the Thuringian Castle Road.

The Veste Coburg – today in northern Bavaria – is a part of this cultural landscape and thus also of the Thuringian Castle Road. Owned by the Wettin dynasty from the 14th century, from that time on it secured the Saxon and Thuringian territories to the south. The Veste also gained importance as the secondary residence of the electors of Saxony, and not least as the seat of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Coburg’s incorporation into Bavaria, in 2020 the Art Collections of the Veste Coburg will be specifically examining these lasting links to Thuringia.

The studio exhibition will show objects each of which are characteristic of one specific site. At the same time, it will show Thuringia and its castles from the perspective of their excellent architectural quality and their cultural and historical diversity.