The Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass 2022

The Art Collections of the Veste Coburg will present in 2022 the Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass. The competition and exhibition aim to provide a Europe-wide overview of current trends and developments in contemporary glass art and again take stock of the situation. The last Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass in 2014 presented 150 international artists from 34 countries with more than 170 works of art. The objective is to show which design and processing techniques artists currently use, which thematic content predominates and whether current social questions, such as sustainability, migration, political suppression, globalisation and climate change are taken into account. It is also a matter of ascertaining how far glass is still considered purely as a material or whether, given its numerous possible uses and special properties, such as transparency, it is viewed as a complex medium with multiple meanings. The competition and accompanying exhibition is open to artists living in or originating from Europe who work with glass as a material.

An international jury will choose between 100 and 150 artists. Expected are vessels, sculptures, objects, installations and stained glass, which will be shown from 10 April till 25 September 2022 at the Veste Coburg and the European Museum of Modern Glass. The exhibits are for sale. The international jury will award three main prizes and several special prizes. The first prize being €15,000, the second prize €10,000 and the third prize €5,000. There will also be an audience award.

More information about the competition and the standardized registration portal can be found  here. The deadline for application is 31 July 2021.

The competition and exhibition are organised in cooperation with the Alexander Tutsek Foundation, Munich.

Coburger Glaspreis 2022

veranstaltet von den Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg

In Kooperation mit der Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung, München

Supported by:
Oberfrankenstiftung, Stadt Coburg, SÜC Coburg, Denk Keramische Werkstätten, Barbara Achilles-Stiftung
Rückschau 2014 - Coburger Glaspreis Ausstellung